Since 1999 Metrowest IT has been delivering high end IT solutions across Perth. This starts with getting it right for you. It’s what drives us to do the best we can everyday. Because businesses experience so many IT pain points, you need a comprehensive approach to IT (and a dedicated team) to keep your business moving. Whether we’re problem solving, keeping you connected or securing your business from online threats, our number one priority will always be your productivity.

Our number one priority
will always be
your productivity


Underlying issues aren’t always plain to see. More often than not they snowball from the most minor of troubles. Yet when they occur, so do the frustrations and lost hours it takes to iron them out. Our vast IT experience, keen eye and intuitive thinking anticipates problems before they have a chance to hit. It’s how we keep you a step ahead and build a more seamless working experience.

Uncover every issue

We revel in unravelling your IT problems. By taking a fine tooth comb to your concerns, we manually search for causes you or other providers may not know are there. With our finger on the pulse we design and implement automation specific to your business. These systems work side by side with our hands on approach to protect your business and grow your productivity.

An all-access pass

With us you’ve got an all-access pass. What does this look like? Efficient responses, ongoing support, site visits and real people (in our Perth office) at the other end of the phone. We see ourselves as part of your extended team ready to action your requests as soon as they arise. When there’s a problem we’re there getting it fixed fast so you can get back to doing what you do best.

We make it clear

What’s causing a technical issue can sometimes be surprising! To get to the root of the problem it takes a support team willing to listen. We hear you at Metrowest IT. To give you clarity on your best path forward we apply our expertise to unpack your concerns. By bringing you in on our process you’ll feel confident we’ll resolve your problems, fast.

Our team

Hayden Amoruso

HelpDesk Manager

Troy Hanrahan

Business Development

Grant Dawson

Managing Director


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