Your files, systems and data are your most valuable assets. Our failsafe backup and recovery methods protect your business and keep your Intellectual Property safe.

Stop online attacks

When there’s plenty of online threats ready to strike, our experts build a digital fortress around your business, keeping you safe from potential risk.

Resolve your
IT issues fast

An IT hiccup can send your business into a tailspin. Our complete 360⁰ support expertly maintains every facet of your IT systems and resolves problems fast.

Unlock your
productivity potential

A more efficient working environment starts in the Cloud. Our Cloud experts free up your workspace, ensuring your data is always secure and accessible.

Make it possible

Your IT update or expansion is possible. No matter your next move, our team of professionals expertly bring your plan to life and get you connected.


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Put productivity at the forefront with managed IT Solutions that provide regular care, support and maintenance to your systems.


Robust backup and data recovery services build a virtual safety net around your business to keep your files safe and secure.


Manage and host all of your data, programs and systems securely offsite to make your working environment more efficient.


Thorough and intensive spam and email solutions ensure your mail always arrives, stopping costly security breaches in their tracks.


Like a digital fortress, cybersecurity will protect your network and keep your business safe by fending off online attacks.


Consultation services offer bespoke solutions to your next project. Let us design, coordinate and execute a detailed path to success.



Metrowest IT are Perth's high end IT solution provider. Since 1999 we've been building unique and effective IT solutions for small and medium sized businesses, taking a fine tooth comb to your concerns. Through the right IT systems and expert support we help you open up your productivity.


The relationship we build with our partners are invaluable, allowing us to elevate your services by delivering the most to-the-minute technology and solutions. These include but are not limited to Microsoft Business Suite including Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Teams and more.

Have a specific need? Let us know and we can be sure to help.


What markets or industries do you specialise in?

Our client base is small to medium sized white collar businesses. They come from a wide and varied range of industries including architectural firms, law firms, medical and health based businesses, engineering firms and professional services such as accountants and financial planners. 

Do you supply hardware and software?
  • Hardware
    • Modems/Routers/Firewalls + it helps you connect to the internet securely
    • Switches + it helps connect multiple devices like computers, wireless access points, printers, servers (it allows connected devices to share information)
    • Wi-Fi + allows devices to access the internet and other connected devices from anywhere within the signal range
    • Printers + allows users to print documents
    • Servers & Storage devices + it helps with data storage, efficiency and productivity. It allows employees to access data in a central location and work from different locations
    • Workstations/Laptops + increases productivity as employees are able to collaborate and access online resources
    • Monitors + allows employees to do multiple things at once (multiple monitor setup)
  • Software
    • Windows licenses Server/Workstation/Laptop + allows servers & workstations to utilise windows features and settings
    • Office 365 Suite + allows employees to use Microsoft office applications like Excel, Word and Outlook as well as teams and other collaboration tools
    • Office suite (volume licensing) + allows employees to use Microsoft office applications like Excel, Word and Outlook
    • Backup Software (Veeam) + software we use and recommend to have reliable data recovery and disaster recovery
    • Anti-Virus (Trend) + Using advanced AI learning. Trend Micro stops ransomware so you can enjoy your digital life safely. It also protects against malware, online banking and shopping threats and much more.
    • Mail washing + Trend Micro Email Security Advanced, gives you continuously updated protection against BEC, ransomware, spam and advanced targeted attacks by screening malicious emails in a variety of ways
    • VMware (virtualisation software) + Virtualisation can increase IT agility, flexibility and scalability while creating significant savings.
    • PDF software (Adobe, Nitro, Foxit) + collaborate on a document with coworkers, create interactive pdf forms and make major changes to documents easily all from the one application
    • Exclaimer + centralised signature management this stops people from changing and applying their own signatures and guarantees everyone is using the same template/design
    • Watchguard Total Security + Cloud sandboxing - Detect and stop the most sophisticated attacks including ransomware, zero day threats, and other advanced malware designed to evade traditional network security, with APT blocker. AI-Powered Anti-Malware - Automate malware discovery, and classify current and future threats with IntelligentAV. DNS Filtering - Prevent phishing and reduce malware infections by detecting and blocking malicious DNS requests, redirecting users to a safe page with information to reinforce security best practices. 
    • 2FA + 
Do you move businesses to the Cloud?

Yes. We can move you to a cloud solution suitable to your business. See our Cloud Solutions for more.

Do you work with third parties?


If a company is using third party applications or service providers within their business we liaise with these companies to help resolve issues if they arise. This includes accounting software like MYOB and XERO, file and ‘suite’ management and project management software. We also help businesses set up and install third party applications including phone and internet providers. 

Is it difficult to change IT service providers?
  • And what to look out for….
  • Usually a smooth transition if it’s done properly 
How quickly can you help me with my IT issues?

New customers, we start working on your issue as soon as you make contact with us and guarantee to find a resolution for your problem within 1.5 business days.  

For customers already working with us, we see to your issue immediately. Expect a response to your request FAST! (Usually, within 15-20 minutes, with a guaranteed wait time of no later than 2 hours.) This is where we’ll discuss your issue and determine if it’s a fast fix or one that requires more investigation. You’ll then be given an upfront estimate of how long your issue will take to resolve. 

Can you work within our IT budget?
  • No lock-in contracts?
  • Are there any hidden costs?


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