your partner
in possibility

Let the best of you
shine through

your partner
in possibility

Let the best of you
shine through


At Rocky Bay we celebrate potential in all its amazing uniqueness. Think of us as your partner in possibility, here to inspire the confidence within to achieve #yourgoals through a comprehensive range of NDIS therapies and specialty services.

Our job is to 'actively support' you on your journey by making you the centre of every decision. It's a true team effort. When you become a part of the Rocky Bay family, you join a support network of friendly, genuine people whose sole purpose is to identify and nurture all the things you do well, whoever you are, whatever your age.

It starts by getting to know exactly what is you need to live your best life. We listen and share ideas, encouraging you to speak up, take control, and get involved.
You choose what support you get, how much you get, where you get it, and when you get it - all the while knowing we're behind beside you every step of the day.

You're capable of incredible things, however big or small - let's see what you can do.



Parents + Carers

We know parents and carers want to do everything possible to help. We can lift a weight off your shoulders by arming you with the tools and strategies that help you continue your loved one's learning at home with confidence and enthusiasm.



As everyday tasks become a little easier, your abilities shine through. We have the technology, equipment and modification solutions to enhance your independence, from custom made wheelchairs, to voice activated light control technology configured to your needs.


Daily Living

Daily Living is about making you feel comfortable and confident doing everyday things. Whether that's cleaning the house, preparing lunch, applying for jobs, or connecting virtually with family and friends, we can start making #yourgoals a reality.


Social Skills

Ready to express yourself with more meaningful social connections? Our Social Skills program helps teach kids how to work together, regulate their emotions, share and empathise, utilising many different tools to engage with their unique interests.



Being well is about identifying all the different areas that can be enhanced in order for you to feel more confident, independent, mobile, mentally strong, and physically in control. We have everything under one roof to make your journey easy and convenient.



Making positive changes to your environment can be invigorating and life changing. We can actively support you to find the right accommodation option for you, from high care shared housing, to short stay holidays, home modification and full custom homes.


As your approved provider, Rocky Bay provides the platform for you to achieve #yourgoals, no matter how small. By surrounding you with a team of carers, family, and friends that share your challenges and ambitions, we'll map out a way forward that sees your confidence and abilities grow in areas that are important to you. Going fishing or to the movies, working on your speech, talking through your mental challenges, learning how to flourish on your 'new normal' - everything we do is based on a belief in treating others the way they choose to be treated. It does take more thought, more energy. We need to be observant, actively listen and care enough to ask the right questions. But the rewards are immense. If it's important to you, it's important to us. And we're with you all the way.

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